Wednesday, March 18, 2009

G'vnmet and Lies

The Obama administration is upset about AIG giving bonuses to executives. Mr. Hussein, aka BO, aka Barry, aka Mr. President, and his administration are the idiots who signed into law that AIG could give these bonuses to whomever. Now they are mad at AIG! Just like when the government told banks to give loans to poor people who couldn't afford them, and when the crap hit the fan, the same government got mad at the banks! Such hypocrisy is unbelievable. They cause the problem, then they want to "fix" it by doing things that will likely cause more harm then good.

Barry's administration said they found out this month (March) that AIG was giving big bonuses to executives. Maybe they should read the bills before they vote, and B "Hussein" O should likewise read them before he signs them into law. I thought George Bush was bad, but this is ridiculous.

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