Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The War on the Unborn

Feminism has ruined America. Not by itself, mind you, but God will soon curse our nation, if he hasn't already, for the blatant disregard for his ways. This post will talk specifically about one aspect of the effect of feminism- abortion, or the murder of children before they are born naturally.

The reason my first statement is about feminism is because people who preach about "women's rights" see abortion as one of these rights. I have heard many arguments for why abortion is okay such as: "It's the woman's body, she can do what she wants with it" "A baby would ruin her life right now" "She was a victim of rape" "The baby is unwanted" "It's not even a baby yet" "The baby has a birth defect" "It's for the safety of the mother" and I'm sure others I have not heard.

You must understand the basic roots of feminism to really understand the ProChoice movement. Both are centered around selfish ambition, and the ProChoice appeals to our own selfish human nature in asking women, "Is now a good time for you?" In reality, this question is being asked too late. The appropriate time for this question is before sexual intercourse. This question is also deceitful because the true question they are asking is not, "Are you ready to be a mother?" as she becomes one the moment she conceives. The Pro-Choice advocates are really asking, "Now that you are a mother, do you want your child to be carried to term and born alive or do you want to end the child's life prematurely?" And as far as rape goes, the only person I would even think about murdering is the rapist, not the baby! The fact is, murder is murder.

Here's the reason I think all abortion is wrong:
1. Murder is wrong
2. At THE moment of conception, the sperm and egg become human life.
3. Killing human life is murder.

I think everyone agrees with "1" and "3," the hang up is "2." So you might ask, "how do I know that conception starts human life?" ... My answer? ... Science.

First, let's look at what science classifies as "life."

- an organismic state characterized by capacity for metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and reproduction.

I remember this from biology class in high school. And a fertilized egg definitely meets the requirements to be considered life (I asked a biologist just to make sure). It is also much more the a mere skin cell or hair cell; what goes on during and after fertilization is very complicated and wondrous.

I also remember that humans have 46 chromosomes. Sperm and eggs both only have 23, and when the unite they fuse together forming a new human. Which simply means a zygote is human.

Now, I am not saying that this new human can feel or even think, but I do believe that human life is sacred and it would be wrong to destroy it, even at an early developmental stage such as this.

Another objection I have to abortion has to do with not wanting children. Children are a blessing from God, the Bible is clear about that. God also commands us to be fruitful and multiply. But more then that, the Bible shows us that we should love children. Jesus was interrupted by children, who his disciples tried to get rid of, but Jesus made time for them. We are also told to take care of the fatherless, the orphans. My heart breaks when couples don't want to have children yet, but words cannot describe how I feel when people choose to have sex, yet don't want a baby, and then chooses to discard the precious gift as if it were their own feces in a toilet.

This was taken from a blog, you can find it at

"I am 17 years old, married to an amazing guy, and I chose to have an abortion. I chose to have an
abortion because, while children are wonderful, I hope to be able to give my children more than I could dream of now. I plan to go to college, get a degree and hopefully open my own business. I want to be able to go to a career day at my child’s school, be proud of what I’ve done with my life, and be able to go to sleep at night not worried about how I’m going to pay a hospital bill from when I was 17. Children deserve the best things in life. They truly are our future. My baby would deserve too many things that I can’t provide right now, including all the love in the world. Someday I will be a mom, and I believe I will be an amazing parent when the time is right."

First, it wouldn't surprise me if this statement was altered to fit the pro-choice agenda; however, this woman is outstandingly hypocritical! She says children deserve the best things in life... I can barely type the words they are so obvious, THE CHILD DESERVES IT'S LIFE!! She stole the baby's life. She chose to get married, yet was stupid enough to think she wouldn't get pregnant? She's going to waste her life getting herself "ready" to have children. The feminist movement has succeeded in telling women that a child is a burden and that it is necessary for her to accomplish/acquire worldly success and riches before having a child for her own self worth. The movement tells women that there is nothing significant or lasting about mothers who raise their children at home, that TRUE achievement only comes from a career and sense of self. Only then (like mentioned in the above quote) would a child be proud to bring their mother to show off at school.

Sadly, many married Christians are not "ready" for babies. I anguish over the thought of our culture's view of children and can really only pray (and blog) that it will change.